Nyco Drain Solve Liquid Caustic Drain Opener - Qt.

Item # 171700QT

  • Fast acting, odorless, non-fuming, alkaline drain opener. Dissolves hair, grease, Vegetable and organic matter to get drains flowing quickly.
  • Saves plumbing time and effort.
  • Ready-To-Use; USDA: L1
Qt., 12/cs
Manufacturer #NL013-Q12
  • Description

This alkaline based drain opener is a highly concentrated formulation intended to dissolve and remove obstructions which cause clogged drains. Removes grease, hairs, paper, food particles, rags, and other organic materials. Surfactant aided caustic quickly penetrates, loosens and dissolves obstructions to eliminate plumbing problems, clogged drains and prevent water damage from overflowing sinks, tubs, etc. Breaks down grease to quickly restore water flow and full draining action. Liquid formulation is easier to use and does not have the fuming ‘back-up’ odors associated with many dry powder/crystal products. Dissolves instantly for fast action even in cold stagnant water. Will not harm plumbing or pipes.